The “Video-Conferential Equation”

The idea of videoconferencing at Yeshiva University emerged a few years ago at the highest levels of the academic administration. The purpose of ... Read More

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Morning “Married Bus” Transportation Eliminated The YU transportation system paired its introduction of the shuttle app with a simultaneous ... Read More

Renovations of Gottesman Library Around the Corner

Yeshiva University has big plans in store for the Gottesman Library on Wilf Campus. Back in early 2012, the University embarked on a plan to ... Read More

Investing Wisely: YU CIO Ahron Herring

It was in August of 2009 that President Richard Joel announced the appointment of Sid Browne as Chief Investment Officer. Prior to Mr. Browne’s ... Read More

Possible Changes to Morning Programs Coming

A RIETS Rosh Yeshiva once said, “YU is the last bastion of sanity.”  One can guess that this rabbi did not have the pleasure of being ... Read More

Faculty Council Meeting Announces Beginning of Academic Refinancing/Restructuring

A Faculty Council meeting was held last Friday to discuss issues pertaining to tenure and academic changes that will take place as a result of ... Read More
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Fall TV and Movie Guide

So much is happening in the Fall. School is starting; leaves are changing; winter is coming. Yet among all of this seasonal upheaval, there is ... Read More

Restructured Student Government Poised for Success

Here at YU, we are blessed with many student government groups. As the saying goes, however, too much of anything is bad, and in past years the ... Read More

All Hands on Deck; YU Continues to Navigate Troubled Waters

In recent years, an abundance of information has cropped up about Yeshiva University’s investment strategies and monetary dealings ... Read More

Where is the Magic?: A Review of “Magic in the Moonlight”

He’s made forty-three films over the course of his career and we still can’t help but feel that warm feeling of anticipation co-mingled with ... Read More
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