Yeshiva University Rabbis, Professor Asked for Leniency for Child Abuser

Yeshiva College alumnus Evan Zauder (YC ‘09), who pled guilty to one count of enticement of a minor to engage in illegal sexual activity, one ... Read More

Buzz Torah: Torah Medium for a New Age

The new phenomenon of social media seems to be the impulse to bring order to the expansive and miscellaneous masses of information we are ... Read More

News Briefs: Chag Hasmecha, Partnership Minyanim, Local Shuttle Crash, Madoff, Rabbi Ehrenkranz Dies

RIETS Ordains 230 Rabbis in Largest Ceremony   The Yeshiva University-affiliated Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary bestowed Semicha ... Read More

No Need for Popcorn: President Joel Hosts Tame Town Hall Meeting

Apple slices, cookies, and carrots were the refreshments of choice for students and faculty who attended last Wednesday’s Town Hall Meeting ... Read More

The Syms “Bell Curve” Misunderstanding

Last Wednesday, students filled the Heights Lounge for the biannual Town Hall Meeting, a highly-anticipated event. One Sy Syms School of Business ... Read More

Moody’s Credit Update Points Fingers: Study Places Blame on Joel, Board; Not Markets, Madoff

In a damning March 25th report, Moody’s Credit agency pointed to a number of critical judgment errors and chronic mismanagement that sunk the ... Read More
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When Rabbi Lamm Allowed Women to Wear Tefillin and Form Minyanim: An Excised Sermon Adds Fresh Perspective to Ongoing Debate

At the height of the women’s liberation movement in 1972, 1,200 Orthodox rabbis organized “The Emergency National Coalition of Rabbis in ... Read More

Sarachek: A Look Behind the Scenes

This past week, Yeshiva University hosted its annual Red Sarachek Tournament featuring Jewish high school basketball teams from across the ... Read More

The Bottom Line in Health: What Type of Weight Should You Be Moving?

Have you ever been in the middle of your workout, pushing hard on a stationary machine, and looked over to observe the muscular group of ... Read More

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