Articles by Arel Kirshstein

Hit The Wall: Demythologizing The Stonewall Riots

hit the wall 2

A block or two away from the original Stonewall Inn, the Barrow Street Theater’s performance of Hit The Wall excellently dramatizes the first night of the Stonewall Riots. On summer night in ’69, policemen entered Stonewall, an underground gay bar, and attempted to apprehend its patrons, inciting a riot that reverberated throughout the LGBT community, […]

Coming Out Narratives Beyond the LGBT Experience

Last time I wrote, I briefly discussed coming out as a narrative particular to the LGBT experience. I claimed that coming out is not simply secret-telling, but that it acts as a way to concretize one’s identity and orientation, that it is a dynamic exploratory process. Discussing or telling others of one’s perceived marginalized or […]

Ode to Dunder Mifflin: A Tribute to “The Office” in its Farewell Season

the office

“The Office” is perhaps one of the most inventive shows of the past decade. It spearheaded the ‘mockumentary’ style, leaving very successful series within this genre’s wake (specifically “Modern Family” and “Parks and Recreation”). It’s impressive in its subtlety, portraying the real quirks of everyday people. And though the last couple of seasons have been […]

A Letter To The Student Body From A Non-Anonymous Homosexual Student

Dear everyone, In my three years at Yeshiva University, I’ve heard much talk about the “anonymous gay article,” painfully honest and crucial for the student bodies of both campuses to understand the struggles of gay, closeted Orthodox Jews. Back when I was more closeted, I always fancied writing one myself, as homosexuality and coming out […]

The Legend of Korra: Depth in Disguise

The fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender’s wait has been long, but finally the next Avatar series, The Legend of Korra, was delivered to us this past April. The first season (Book One: Air) seemed too short at only twelve episodes, but Nickelodeon already approved another three seasons, which will hopefully deliver more high-quality animation […]

The Magicians: Harry Potter with Sex and Drugs

Ever wondered why Harry Potter remained a virgin throughout high school?  Or at least why Rowling barely discussed her characters’ sex lives?  I mean, please, did Rowling really expect us to believe that the entire wizarding community was so gosh-darn moral?  In The Magicians, Lev Grossman disenchants the universe Rowling created for us and replaces […]